Environmental Culture

Alternate Name: Enviroment CX

SAL Code:


Turn Around Time:

1-5 Days






Traditional culture setup; MICROSCAN Sensitivity and ID (where applicable); Gram stain (where applicable). If culture is positive, antibiotic susceptibilities (MICs) are only performed when appropriate. Feel free to call our microbiology department to discuss any special circumstances that may require additional workup.

Specimen Requirements:

Primary Tube:


Primary Substance:


Stable Ambient:

48 Hours

Rejection Criteria:

Improper samples, samples not labeled correctly, samples that are suspect for contamination.

Clinical Info:

Use this test to determine if there are any microbes present in the area swabbed.

Additional Information:

Identification of potentially dangerous agents in areas where a sterile environment is required. Such as kitchens and bathing areas of assisted living facilities or other areas requiring high standards of hygiene and monitoring of possible microbial contamination

Sample Collection:

Gently swab the area with a clean and sterile culturette, after collection insert culturette swab into provided transport tube containing Amies media and transport to laboratory. Be sure to notate the exact area swabbed on the transport tube.

Test Limitations:

Do not use this test for any samples collected from humans. This test is strictly designed for the testing of commercial or private areas, surfaces, and objects.

Specimen Handling Instructions:

Maintain at room temperatrure.

Test Information: